Membership Information

Privileges of Membership
Full members of the Club are allowed to use all the facilities of the organization. We have an extensive railroad library of video tapes, books, and magazines. Full members are also allowed free access to the club's equipment. The Club owns several locomotives and a large collection of rolling stock. Members also have access to the clubs DC and DCC Wireless throttles and controllers. In addition, full members are allowed 24 hour access to both N and HO scale layouts following the completion of training in operating the layouts.

There are four different membership levels in our organization, depending on your involvement and age.

Full Membership: Full membership in the Club is open to all who are eighteen years of age or over, following a completion of a three month probationary period and be approval by a majority vote of the membership. A person shall be considered a full member after that period with full rights and privileges in the organization.

Junior Membership: Junior membership may be granted to those persons who are over thirteen years of age but under eighteen-years of age. Junior members have no vote in the affairs of the Club nor shall they hold an elected office. Upon reaching the age of 18, Junior members may apply for full membership in the Club.

Associate Membership: Associate membership may be granted to those who do not live in the New York metropolitan area and who have a nominal interest in the Club.

Honorary Membership: Honorary membership may be awarded to persons, not members of the Club, in recognition of outstanding achievements in the art of model making or in furtherance of the art.

Fees and Dues: Full members of the organization are responsible for paying their monthly dues and fees. Currently, dues and fees for full members are set at $65.00 a month. Members who are in good standing are allowed full access to all the facilities the club has to offer.